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But the data is clear: those who get good financial advice tend to end up much better off. We exist to get you pointed in the right direction. One simple form, no hidden fees, and tailored financial advice from the right partner for you.

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Many Australians have more than one superfund. This means that you are paying more fees than you should. Some of your funds may even be losing money because of this.

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Submit one simple form, below. We find all the info about your Super Fund. Then, have a brief call with us.
We then find your initial position. Where your funds are located, how many you have, and how they are invested. We also have a brief phone call to learn more about you! Your investment goals and retirement needs.

Step Two

We send this info to our partner financial advisers and they do a deeper dive into your investment and its projections.
This is where we get more technical information about your investment, as well as get the best feedback on if we can reduce fees and grow your investment. Again, this is still free – why wouldn't you get professional feedback in this way?

Step Three

We send you a full analysis of your investment and the recommendations of the financial adviser. If you accept their advice, great!
You are only taken on as a client If, and ONLY if, we and our partner financial advisers are able to improve your retirement. If our projections show strong growth to your super fund, and if you agree with our projections, then, and only then, is there a fee (which can be paid by your super fund, easily!)

Many Australians have Super funds spread out in many places and are losing money on fees and expenses. The first thing we do is to help determine if consolidating your funds will help. This often reduces your fees (and headaches).

We partner with licensed financial advisory firms with established track records of experience in growing Australian investments and Super funds.

Because of these recommendations, most of our clients have seen an increase to their Super fund.

So, stop worrying about your Super Fund!

Shine a light on your super fund for clarity and peace of mind. Through research and support, we aim to reduce your fees, grow your investment, and set you up for a better retirement.

Submit one simple form to learn how much better off you could be.

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Here is what this form does – it authorises us to find out where you have money invested in the Super Fund. From there we can get a fuller picture of your superannuation. Then, our partner financial advisers can conduct a full financial analysis of your investment. This part is free, and there is no pressure on you. We send you the analysis and findings, and if you like the results, great! The financial adviser will take care of the rest.

You only pay if you accept the advice of our partner financial advisers. And best of all, you never have to open your wallet, because financial advice related to your super fund can be paid directly by your super fund.

Common Questions.

What is a Super Fund?

Superannuation is a tax effective way to save for your retirement. It’s similar to a managed fund where your money is pooled with other members’ money and invested on your behalf by professional investment managers. Generally you will not be able to access this money until you retire. Your employer will make contributions to your super fund and you can top it up with your own money. The government may also make contributions if you are a low income earner.

What is an Industry Fund?

An industry fund was originally created for workers of a specific industry. For example, construction is usually CBUS, retail is usually Rest, and hospitality is usually Host Plus. Just because you are in an industry fund does not mean you are in the best place for you. They need to be tailored to you to get you the result that you want. You are not the same person as everyone else who works in your industry, and therefore should not be invested the same. Like any other fund, an industry fund can be tailored to suit you and get a better result at retirement.

Why see a financial adviser?

Financial advisers are licensed professionals whose job is to ensure that at retirement, you have as much money as possible. The government actually allows you to pay for a financial adviser concerning your super fund, with your super fund, because they have found that people who get financial advice from a professional tend to end up significantly better off at retirement. Financial advisers can help with everything from your super, to insurance reviews, wealth management, investment properties and portfolios, and everything in between.

Why should I do a review on my super?

When a super fund is originally created, whether by you or your employer, it comes in a default setup. This means it’s the same fund for everyone, with the same investments, fees, and insurances all attached. The problem with a default setup is that we’re not all the same. One strategy doesn’t fit every situation. A review allows you to tailor your investments to suit you and your situation. If you are 18 and just entering the workforce, you don’t want to be invested the same as someone who is 64 and about to retire. Default funds can also be quite expensive, often see low returns, and can come with insurances already attached that you may not want or need. It is important to look at these things because they will all impact the amount you retire with.

How can a financial adviser improve my retirement?

According to Russell Investments, a large money management firm, a good financial adviser can increase your returns by an average of 3.75 percent per year. That might not sounds like a massive difference, but over a long period of time, it can be.

What is active management?

Active management is one of the most important things a financial adviser can provide. Almost all super funds are invested into the market. When the stock market crashes, that means you end up losing money. Super is a long term investment so small dips in the market do not really make a difference over the years, but bigger crashes can be devastating. In 2008, we saw one of the worst financial crises in recent history. When this happened, many Australians found that they had lost thousands of dollars from their super fund. Because a super fund is just an administration service, it is not their job to defend your money when markets are bad. A financial adviser is able to actively manage your fund, and pull you out of the market when it starts to crash so you avoid losing large portions of your super. The closer to retirement you get, the more important that becomes.

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